You will need
  • - network cables.
First, configure the operation parameters of the dsl modem. Connect it to a telephone line using a DSL connector. This connection to perform better through the splitter to ensure the best quality signal transmission. Connect the Ethernet port of the modem network cable. The other end connect to a laptop or desktop computer. Enable this PC.
Open a web browser and go to the interface settings of the modem. In this case, you need to configure only one point – WAN. Select the type of data transmission PPPoE and enter additional parameters: user name, password and access point. Enable NAT, if it is possible to make this dsl modem. Disable the DHCP function. This will allow you to set Wi-Fi router a static IP address. Save the settings and restart the dsl modem.
Now disconnect the network cable from the computer and connect it to the WAN (Internet) port Wi-Fi router. Using another network cable, connect the LAN port of the router with the computer. Open the settings menu wireless equipment. Go to WAN menu. Specify the access point's IP address dsl modem. Change the type of data transfer Protocol for the Static IP. Enable the DHCP function to avoid additional configuration of computers and laptops.
Enter the value IP address Wi-Fi router. It must be different from ' dsl modem only the last segment. Save settings menu the WAN.
Click Wireless Setup (Wi-Fi). Configure the wireless access point. Don't forget to choose enough high-quality security. Save the wireless network settings and restart your wifi router. Make sure that the device have access to the Internet. Connect mobile computers to a wireless access point. Desktop PCs connect to the LAN ports of the router.