You will need
  • 2 routers
  • network cable
I just want to mention that you can connect not only routers that use wireless transmission, but wired devices and switches. The second point: to ensure the best quality when it is better to use a wired connection devices. Install routers, therefore, to ensure maximum coverage. Connect routers network cable in the following way: one end of the cable connect the Internet port or the WAN the first routerand the other into a free LAN port of the second router.
How to configure two <strong>router</strong>
Second router connect to a cable Internet connection through the WAN port or Internet. In this case, you need to configure access to the Internet or local resources on the main router. Open settings and find "Internet setup". Select the desired options depending on the manufacturer of the router and the requirements of your provider.
How to configure two <strong>router</strong>
Open the settings for the secondary router. In the settings for local connections, specify a static or dynamic IP address. Create a wireless access point Wi-Fi and allow computers of the future local network and Internet access provided by the main router.
How to configure two <strong>router</strong>