Select cat collar with tag for phone/address of the owner is a flea or tick. To put it be before she will go for a walk. Even if the cat gets lost, it will not be taken to the detention center for stray animals and not take it home without calling the owner. And, in addition, it will get rid of parasites. If she's not out on the street, you can purchase a collar just for looks. Material and design can be any, depending on your preference and condition of the coat and skin of cats.
инструкция ошейника для кошки
Accustom the cat to the collar gradually. It is best to start when it is still quite small. Buy a special collar for kittens or ordinary, and then slightly shorten it. Try to put it on while you feed the cat, or play with her. This will distract your pet from the collar: he is busy eating or playing. Wear it daily, all increasing the time of wearing it until then, until the cat gets used to it.
как выбрать ошейник щенок пуделя
Before you fasten the collar, check to see whether he strangles the animal, not matted if the hair underneath is not damaged if the undercoat. Keep in mind that the cat always likes to jump, climb trees, fences, roofs. So wear the collar so that it was always free to pull your head out of it if he all of a sudden something will catch on.
как закрепить плазму не на стене
If you want a cat for a walk, buy a harness. Collar for these purposes is not suitable, because the neck muscles in these animals are too weak and will not withstand the load. Determine the suitable size of harness: between the straps and body of the cat should be able to slide two fingers. Accustom the animal to the harness gradually.
можно ли нарастить бороду с помощь серной мази
Put a closed ring on the cat's neck. Expand the bridge between it and the strap so that she found herself on the throat (the carabiner should be at the withers). Expand the space between the closed ring, moving strap. Proceed with the right front foot in this space (the jumper is on the chest of the cat, and the foot is fixed by the harness). Take the loose end of the strap and slide it into the armpit of the left front foot.
как привыкнуть к кошке
Fasten the strap. Send ring around the neck so that it didn't press the cat on the throat, and at the same time were tightly wrapped around him, not letting her wriggle out or escape. Make sure that the jumper exactly in the middle of the chest and right foot is securely fixed. Pull the strap tight. Don't worry: you'll make the cat hurt, but she can't run away, feeling that the harness is loose.