You will need
  • - garage;
  • kit for installation of the air conditioner;
  • - lighting;
  • - a set of tools.
Weigh all the pros and cons of the advisability of installing air conditioning in your car. Because it consumes a lot of energy from the generator car. In addition, the energy of the engine, and some cars do not differ very much and a large capacity. So first think about whether to spend their time, effort and money to buy the air conditioner, because without additional modifications, in some cases, it can quickly incapacitate your car.
Select the kit to install the air conditioner if you are strongly confident that your machine will work fine with it. As a rule, set the air conditioning and additional parts required to install it. Now in car shops and car markets you can find a huge selection of such sets.
Remember, you should never set your car air conditioner from another brand of car, because you'll need to produce in this case a number of separate improvements. And the kits already have everything you need for installation without any major alterations. So, you will not need to cook or remodel your body.
Select in advance the place where you do the installation. This is the perfect garage with normal lighting. Also you need the right tools and small hand-lamp in order to see better the hard to reach places. Put my car on the Parking brake and then removing the negative terminal of the battery. Next, remove the torpedo car, and the steering wheel.
Examine carefully the installation manual of the air conditioner. There is a very described in detail the process of integration. It is better to begin the installation with mounting compressor, fan and cooling system freon. Also note that you will have to cut the standard stove that you were able to install a cooling radiator just behind the fan. Next, connect the air ducts, air conditioning and radiator tubes, which will be the air flow.
Then all connect to the power supply and don't forget to use fuses. Take a look, where can be convenient to place the button to turn on the air conditioner. Standard levers can be used to control the temperature of the air. Then carefully check the tightness of the connection duct. Perform final Assembly and check whether the normal air conditioner is running.