Where to start

Before you begin to connect the mobile air conditioning at home, it is very important to decide where it will be. In other words, it is necessary to consider the scheme of its installation. The right thing to place it near the window to lower the resistance of the external air flow. If you can happily avoid bends in the vent hose, it will also help to reduce this type of resistance.

Consider some of the peculiarities of installation of mobile air conditioning. Different models of portable devices equipped with components to install the air conditioner in the window, sometimes they are shipped without these items. Before you start withdrawing duct, it is necessary to manufacture the insert to the sash window. This will require detail of polycarbonate or plexiglass (it will provide a barrier between the hot air outside and cold inside it), a knife for cutting solid materials, masking tape to attach the cut sheet to the frame and sealer to create a waterproof barrier.

When the layout is thought out and features included, you can begin to install air conditioning. The first stage - the production of leaf-insertion.

Sheet insert

Before. how to cut out a part out of polycarbonate, you should measure the window sash. After that, you must measure the outside diameter of the duct. In accordance with the data on the internal dimensions of the cut out insert from polycarbonate or plexiglass. In the generated quadrilateral have to make a round hole in which is inserted a duct. Its diameter should be about 4 mm smaller than the outside diameter of the duct. This will provide the most intimate contact with the duct.
All measurements must be carried out correctly, with an accuracy of millimetre.

Tightness in the first place

For sealing structural sheet inserts and window frames you need to use self-adhesive seals made of rubber. They are on sale in the store building materials.
The process of sealing required, since the sheet-insert will serve as the only barrier between the room and the external environment.

How to mount the insert

Please open the fold and pin the sheet insert with classic elastic and secure it on the handle. After that, the inserted piece can be attached with masking tape around the perimeter and attach to the window frame.
With the use of organic glass for the manufacture of sheet-insert, you can use special clips-clips.

Mounted air conditioning

When the sheet-the insert is securely fastened, you can do the installation of the air conditioner. Often set outdoor portable air conditioner. The drain hose from it, attach to duct and duct to the hood of the air conditioner. The opposite end of the pipe is conducted to the external environment through the insert window. Before you turn the device on, it should withstand about 2 hours vertically.

Remember newsst

Include mobile air conditioning only in the socket with grounding, providing free access to its plug.

It is strictly forbidden to connect the appliance to the mains through an adapter or an extension cord. In any case it is impossible to ground the air through the gas pipe.

Portable air conditioners best not to install in the bathroom or on the terrace ( outdoors). You cannot install a safety device on the earth wire or neutral. Forbidden to let air circulation around the mobile air conditioning (for this reason it needs to be a distance of at least 50 cm from any objects).

If there is no certainty that it will be possible to connect the device on your own, it is best to seek the assistance of qualified professionals. Professionals will do all the calculations and will mount the air conditioning.