Advice 1: How to position the house on the plot

If you think that the house on the land you can have whatever you like, that this view is fundamentally wrong. There are certain rules and regulations that determine how, where and at what distance you need to start building a house.
How to position the house on the plot
Starting to build a house on the land, should first contact architecture, where you will be given permission for its construction. There you will be offered a plan that you will have to agree more with the neighbors.

To be convenient to all

According to the sanitary norms and rules which exist at the present time, the house should be placed 5 – 10 m from the road. This will help to protect housing from dust and noise and also you will be able to plant at this distance of green spaces. If the structure to build next, you can lose the external aesthetics, but also displays the complexity involving the economic sector.

Of course, much depends on the length and width of the site, and if its width not more than 20 meters, the house is better to install near one of the side boundaries of the site. This decision will be profitable if the front door is located on the side. Then you will be able to use land to the maximum efficiently.

Of course, many of the cottage there is a limit to the minimum distance between adjacent residential structures. This requirement of fire safety. If your house catches on fire, the fire should not spread to neighboring buildings. For fire regulations the distance between houses must be at least 6 m, and 15 m. is better

Oh, these meters

There are sanitary norms, which determine the distance from one object to another object. So, between the Windows of your home and waste bin or toilet should be at least 15 m From the house to the farm buildings – 15 m From the house to the bath or shower – 5 and even 8 m.

From home to water wells, if any, distance should not be less than 20 m. the Residential building must be located from the border adjacent area at a distance of 3 m. Facilities for livestock and poultry should not be build closer to 4 m from the border. Planting shrubs on the distance of 1 m from the boundary, but the trees at a distance of 2 – 3 m.

Some simple tips

The bedroom window is better positioned between the East and South sides. Rooms that face North, will be deprived of the sun. Common room a better place in the West. If you are planning to build on the land a winter garden, it is better to place on the North side of the house. Windows of bedrooms should not be placed facing the street.

Building to be built so that it was comfortable how to approach and be approached. It is better if the house will be two exits. One – on the street, and the second on your land. If you have land with a hill, the house should be built on the hill. Of the bedrooms, living rooms and terraces it would be better if the views of the open landscape.

The facade of the house – it's your face. Better make it beautiful than the backyard. The fence must be deaf only on the side of the street and between neighboring sites, it should be net. Roof slope should be done such that the flowing water falls on your land, but in any case, not the neighbors.

Advice 2: How to accommodate the house

During the construction of a private house it is important to have the most convenient and correct way. Error at this stage can lead to the fact that the house is too hot in summer and cold in winter, the building will be very uncomfortable. In addition, poorly located home can have a negative impact on the health of the occupants.
How to accommodate the house
The basic rule is that the house should be oriented to the cardinal – that is, its walls should look to the North and South, East and West. In this arrangement, there is a meaning: in order to feel good, people have to sleep head to the North or East. His body is in this case oriented along the lines of Earth's magnetic field or perpendicular to it, which is beneficial to health.
In that case, if the house is at an angle to the sides, and beds are placed parallel to the walls, crossing the Earth's magnetic field at an angle. This situation is wrong, so one can constantly feel sleepy, to feel irritation, chronic fatigue.
Choosing a project home, be sure to pay attention to the fact that the house had enough Windows facing East and South. Through the Eastern Windows in the house will penetrate the first rays of the rising sun. Through Windows facing South, the house will be filled with warmth and light. In the southern regions on Windows you can install the blinds, but it is not necessary to reduce the number of Windows. The more the house of light, the more comfortable to live in it, the better it atmosphere.
Important which side is the entrance to the house, emphasis is placed on this in the art of Feng Shui. Favorable location of the entrance door on the North and East, all other options are negative. Choosing a project home, consider this aspect. Even if the road, which is adjacent to your plot, located on the South or West, pick up the project where the door will go to the East or to the North, the yard of the house. This option can be very useful and beautiful.
Do not place the front door of the house just opposite the main gate or entrance gate. The most unfavorable location of the front door – South-West. In that case, if the door faces South or West and this can not be avoided, it is necessary to position the house below the door is located exactly at the middle of the plot (just the plot, not in the center of the house).
Choosing a project home, avoid roof options with the "broken" roof, the fractures have a negative impact on health living in the house of people. Avoid to cover the roof iron, and metal. Despite the attractive type of metal, metal tent over the head negatively affects human health. It is better to use natural tile, slate, or plastic.
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