You will need
  • - Access to the Internet.
First, select a set of programs that is appropriate to your version of Counter-Strike. If you need to install bots to CS 1.6 download zBot kit NiceBot 1.6 or 2.5.
Wait for the download of the file. Install WinZip or 7z. She needed to work with downloaded files. Alternatively, use Total Commander.
Open the downloaded archive and copy all the files. Better create a separate folder. Otherwise, you risk losing files that are in the root directory of the archive.
Now copy the extracted files to the game folder. If you installed the non-steam version, choose game folder and open the folder cstrike. Copy all the files and folders that are in the same archive directory.
When working with the official steam version, open the Program files folder and navigate to the Steam directory. Select the steamapps folder and open the directory that corresponds to your nick. Select a game Counter-Strike and browse to the folder cstrike_russian. Then copy the files from the cstrike directory of the downloaded archive.
Start the game and click New Game. Select a map name and configure the settings of the game. Press the Start button and wait for creating your own server. Now press H and in the new menu, click zBot. In the ensuing window, select "Add bots" and select the side (CT or T).
To add bots through the console, enter the command bot_add_ct or bot_add_t. Type the commands mp_limitteams 0 and mp_autoteambalance 0 if you want to play alone against a large number of bots.