Click the "start" button with the left button of the mouse is the most commonly used method of disclosure of the main menu. This button is always located on the taskbar, but the panel itself can be placed along any of the four sides of the screen. If we consider that the appearance of the button can also be changed beyond recognition, and the task bar can be hidden, then it is possible that you may be unfamiliar with the system will have to spend some time to locate and identify this element of the interface.
Click on the keyboard button with the image of the flag (a stylized Microsoft logo). Usually it is placed near the left and right ALT keys. This button is called WIN, and clicking it should lead to the same result as clicking the "start" button in the GUI Windows. So, if you are unable to find the button, use this button to access the main menu of the operating system.
Cancel auto-hiding the taskbar and "start" button, if they only appear when the mouse cursor is pushed to the edge of screen space. To do this, press the Windows key, click a free space that appears in the task pane, right-click and select "Properties" from the context menu. Uncheck "auto-hide the taskbar" and click "OK".
Adjust the width of the taskbar when the button access the main menu does not appear when you open the menu by pressing the WIN. To do this, find a narrow strip of a few pixel from one of the edges of the screen (usually at the bottom) and hover over it. When he from the arrow pointer becomes a double-headed arrow, click the left mouse button and drag the border of the taskbar at a sufficient distance from the edge of the screen.
Move the task bar along with placed on it by the "start" button to place this item access the menu in the most convenient side of the screen. To do this, click the task bar, right-click and make sure there is no mark beside "lock the taskbar" in the popup context menu. If the label is worth, click on this line. Then move the cursor to an empty area of the taskbar, left click and drag it to the right edge of the screen.