You will need
  • - soft sport Mat or mattress;
Lay on the floor, athletic Mat or mattress. Provide the child a "soft Foundation" for classes. It must be done, because no child is immune from falling. Ensure the safety of your baby.
Start any workout with warm-up. Make this step a required part of the process. Knead well the feet. Suited squats, running in place. Work on stretching. Sit on the floor with your child, legs apart. Drag the tips of the fingers to the thumb of each foot.
Also make the slopes of the body in different directions - left, right, back and forth. Do my wrists in a circular motion. Ask the child to repeat all of these exercises with you. Give them at least 20 minutes before training.
To trick the "wheel" work first hand. Keep toddler hands were placed alternately on the floor on one line. Then you will be able to avoid bends back and forth. To start the "wheel" is possible with either hand. Depending on what hand your kid will do better.
Put it on the Mat or the rope or the rope. Explain to your child the principle of this trick. The secret is that the hands and legs alternately up to the rope. If the child will understand the principle, he will only "realize" it physically.
Also, be careful not to bring hands, legs and trunk of the body was "stretched". Perhaps the "wheel" does not work because the child is afraid to be in a position "upside down". Can first learn this, having spent some time "upside down" at the wall. Help your child hold his legs.