Advice 1: How to turn off hardware acceleration of sound

Disabling hardware acceleration of sound may be required by the user in the event of various problems with the gaming software, leading to abnormal termination of the process or restart the computer.
How to turn off hardware acceleration of sound
The main menu of the operating system Windows XP by clicking "start" to implement the procedure of turning off hardware acceleration of sound and go to "Run" (Windows XP).
Enter the value dxdiag in the Open box and click OK to confirm the command.
Click on the "Sound" dialog box "DirectX features" and drag the slider in the "hardware sound acceleration Level" to 0.
Confirm application of the selected modifications with OK and quit the application (for Windows XP).
Open the main menu of the operating systems Windows XP to initiate the operation off hardware acceleration for sound in OS Windows Vista or Windows 7 and click "All programs" (for Windows Vista and Windows 7).
Expand "accessories" and launch the "Windows Explorer".
Navigate to drive:Windowssystem32 and locate the file with the name dsound.dll.
Create a copy of the found file and save it on any removable media.
Log on to Windows Vista or Windows 7 and bring up the main menu by clicking "start".
Click "Programs" and expand the "Standard".
Run the application "Windows Explorer" and navigate to the above path.
Replace the file dsound.dll previously stored copy and restart the computer to apply the selected modifications (for Windows Vista and Windows 7). This action will restore the hardware DirectSound, and use the standard method of turning on/off hardware acceleration of sound in the selected versions of the OS.
Change the settings of the sound when using Sound Blaster, go to "Sound" and open the context menu of the item "speakers" click the right mouse button. Select "Properties" and uncheck all fields dialog box. This action will remove the possible imposition software filters hardware.

Advice 2: How to enable or disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 8?

Wireless interfaces are very important for a modern laptop. With them, you go online and use the wireless mouse. But when you travel, wireless interfaces is dangerous for the battery of your mobile device. Therefore, it is important to know how quickly they turn on or off.
You will need
  • Laptop
  • Windows 8 or 8.1
The easiest way to find on the keyboard or on the sides of the notebook drawings Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. A wireless interface may turn off a separate switch. But most is a button on the keyboard that should be pressed together with the Fn key. Check off whether Wi-Fi, an led, which is also indicated by the antenna icon
Wi-Fi is usually no problem - the control buttons they have in almost any laptop. And here's another eater batteries Bluetooth usually causes more problems. But not in Windows 8. Here, all adapted for mobile devices.
Call menu PC settings. Move the mouse to the right edge or press the right edge of the screen if it is touch. Select Settings, and then click Change PC settings (on the picture).
Now select the Network Mode in the plane. Here and focus control buttons wireless interfaces.
If you do not find the computer settings button, which is responsible for Bluetooth, it is most likely that your model of laptop it is not there.
Useful advice
Remember that timely shutdown of wireless interfaces can extend the life of your laptop batteries by 30 percent. The exact figure depends on the model.
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