You will need
  • - Adobe Audition;
  • - audio file.
Download the sound that you want to work in Adobe Audition using the options Open, Open Audio from Video if you are editing an audio track of a video file or Extract Audio from CD, if you open the file from the CD-ROM.
Specify the fragment downloaded audio tracks which you want to change. To do this, place the pointer at the beginning of the passage, hold down the left mouse button and highlight the area of the sound wave. If you need to change all the file open in audio editor can nothing to select.
To work with the playback speed of the sound in Adobe Audition you will need filters, collected in the group Time/Pitch from the Effects menu. If you need to slow down or speed up the sound to a known amount of percent, do so using the Stretch filter. This filter allows you to adjust the length of the sound under a certain period of time. The settings window opens with the option Stretch (process).
The settings window opens by default on the Constant Stretch tab. If you are going to apply to the entire passage the same changing speed, you'll need this tab. Stretch Mode in the box at the bottom of the tab, click change mode. In Time Stretch you will be able to change the speed, keeping the tone of the sound. Resample mode changes speed and tone.
Adjust the sound changes. For this you can specify the new length of the file in percentage by entering a value in the Ratio. The original tempo of the sound is assumed to be one hundred percent. If you need to speed up the sound, enter a value greater than this value. To slow down the audio, specify a value less than one hundred percent.
In some cases, for example, when correcting out of sync audio and video, you want to stretch or shorten the audio fragment to a certain duration. This can be done by entering a new duration of sound in seconds in the Length field.
If you require different to change the sound at the beginning and end of the fragment, go to the Gliding Stretch tab, and adjust the correction for different parts of the file. The initial velocity configured in the panel Initial and the status of the sound at the end of the edited fragment is determined by the settings in the panel Final.
Listen to the result of applying the settings by clicking on the Preview button. The edited file can be saved using the option Save As or Save Copy As from the File menu.