Moisten the paper with a wide wet brush dipped in plain water.
Take the brush thinner, select a suitable water color paint and begin to apply a thin horizontal strokes on the wet paper.
Determine where on your drawing is the horizon line. Closer to the horizon line approach each other nearer than farther they are from the horizon and closer to the bottom edge of the sheet the greater the distance between the lines. This discrepancy in the distances will allow you to achieve the perspective effect.
Always take the brush a small amount of paint. If you take too much paint, the pattern will be too "thick", you risk to spoil it too bright blobs.
To make richer the foreground of the figure, where the water is coming to the lower edge of a sheet of paper, coat paper, light blue color, spreading a small amount of blue paint in water.
On top of the caramel make brush strokes. To not to waste the effect of transparency and the volume of water, do frequent strokes is simulates waves and ripples and Kohler do not cover the entire surface of the paper. The water line close to the horizon, you can write on a white sheet.
Don't forget on moistened sheet to paint the sky, without which the water will not look realistic. Combine blue, yellow, white and bluish-gray colors in order to simulate cloud or Sunny weather.
In the foreground you may want to draw a tree or flower that will make your drawing more interesting.