You will need
  • - palette for mixing colors;
  • - colors.
  • paper;
  • - tassels;
  • - water
Remember that there are only three colors that cannot be obtained by mixing different colors. This blue, yellow and red. To obtain other colors, so pink is possible.
Take the palette and dilute it a little bit of red paint with a few drops of water. You will get a pale red or pink color. By varying the amount of water, you can get different color saturation.
Add red paint to white by mixing these two colors in the palette. The more white you take, the more tender shade of pink will work. Besides, you can add white to red, pre-diluted with a few drops of water. This technique will allow you to obtain a less saturated shade of pale pink.
If you want to get the bright pink color of oil paint, squeeze a little on a palette of claret and add white. Experimenting with proportions, achieve a required brightness of color.
Mix two colors of paint very carefully, the resulting pink color was uniform.
Consider the features of some paints. So the gouache becomes slightly lighter when dry. So in order to get the desired shade, make the color a little brighter than necessary.
Please note that the cadmium red watercolour paint is inclined at a large dilution with water to agglomerate. As a result you can not received the color evenly on the paper. To avoid this, use distilled or filtered rain water.