You will need
  • - the voluntary agreement;
  • - a statement to the court.
If you want to get alimony in a fixed monetary amount, make a notarial agreement on the voluntary payment of the alimony on minor children or disabled parents.
Voluntary agreement on the payment of child support is governed by Chapter No. 16 of the RF IC and subject to strict execution on a par with the writ of execution which are issued on the basis of the decision of the court. In the agreement specify the amount, terms and form of payment.
If you have not come to a voluntary agreement, refer the application to the court. Child support will require it of him forcibly. The court will decide the form in which the Respondent will fulfill its financial obligations. The potential payout as a percentage of the sum of all of the defendant's income or a fixed cash amount. Most often a fixed monetary amount is established for individuals who do not have stable income with no income at all, or engaged in entrepreneurial activities with a simplified form of taxation, when the exact income it is very difficult to determine.
If the defendant's income is stable, the court may appoint to pay child support percentage. One child or elderly parent is charged 25% of total income for two – 33%, three and more children – half of the amount of all revenues.
If the court has determined to pay alimony in a fixed monetary amount, funds in this amount must be systematically transferred to the account of the plaintiff, regardless of the economic status of the defendant. To change this amount can only be by drawing up a new agreement by mutual consent, if the child support previously paid by voluntary agreement. If the alimony exacted through the court, to change the amount by filing a claim and attaching documentary evidence that the Respondent appeared children or other dependents.