What amount of maintenance to be paid by the father of the child?

A simple answer to this question is difficult, because the circumstances that led to the interest in this topic, we all have different. In addition, in the modern reality, and variants of these payments, there are several types. Exactly for this reason we can say only one thing – to set the size or amount of these payments can only court.


Today the main payment of child maintenance for parents, divorced – alimony. If you have one child, alimony payments will be 25% of all income in favor of the parent with whom have left a child. If you have two children, the size of payments should be 33% from all income of the payer. If you have three or more children, alimony will be 50% of the income of the payer.
Official items of income of the maintenance payer are all kinds of income, including wages, fees, pensions, unemployment benefits, cash allowances.

If your ex-husband refuses to work, it will still pay you child support, which will be equal to the subsistence minimum for the child.

Another payment of child support – a fixed monetary amount. Generally, this type of monetary recovery of maintenance for children is appropriate in the case where the payer has no stable income. To determine the size of the payment in fixed amounts, you need to apply to the court, which after detailed examination of all relevant circumstances, prescribe the amount of payment and length of time like this. If you encounter any circumstances that were not considered by the court in the primary assignment of benets that a party can re-apply to the court and after examining the documents and circumstances, the court may reconsider previously assigned amount, as upwards and in the direction of its reduction.

Helpful information

If you do not consider at the hearing the question of payment of alimony, you can negotiate a voluntary payment of the alimony. In this case, it is recommended that a mutual agreement needs to be notarized, specifying the total or interest amount of payment and frequency in the contract. In this case, the payer will be responsible to make payments.
The best option in such cases is to receive a specified amount postal order or Bank transfer, as in the case of dispute will be required to submit supporting documents.

If at the time of appointment payment of child support for your baby before he turns one year, you can go to court with the statement for granting of the allowance not only for the child but also to you personally. It will be designated as a fixed sum and will be paid until the child reaches one year.