How not to pay child support?

Men often ask lawyers how not to pay child support, that we, the jurists of SRL "the letter of the law" (, very want to answer that way! Parents are required family law to contain up to the age of their children, even in cases when a parent will be deprived of their parental rights. Thus, it does not work not to pay child support. But there are several ways by which you can reduce the amount of alimony.

To reduce the amount of alimony: 1 way

If a man will acquire another child in his next marriage, his new wife may apply to court for order to recover from her husband's alimony, she alleged her husband home does not see and he does not give money for the maintenance of their child. But these words will have to prove in court and need witness statements. Thus, if a man has already two court decisions on alimony for their children, he with a clear conscience to go to court with a request to reduce the percentage of child support to 33 %. Thus, to pay child support from his first marriage will not be 25%, and 16 % of his monthly income.

To reduce the amount of support: 2 way

In that case, if the man came in addition to their child, which he is obliged to pay the alimony dependents, the Russian court also goes forward and can reduce the amount of alimony. Such dependents are elderly parents or even a spouse who is disabled. In this method, there is no clear guarantee how the court will reduce the amount of alimony paid. It will be at the discretion of the court.

To reduce the amount of maintenance: 3 way

If the child's father decreased monthly income or, on the contrary, the child had his own income if he, for example, at age sixteen got a job working under an employment contract. Please note that the income of the mother do not affect the amount of child support father. Ie, if the mother is a very good living, that fact cannot absolve the father of the child duty to support the child.

If you submit a claim on the reduction of alimony, then you need to confirm your request to any documents. This can be your permanent disability: (disability of the 1st or 2nd group).

Very high income of the father and child support will be large, i.e. much greater than the needs of the minor child, may also serve as an option to reduce the amount of maintenance.

Alimony in a firm sum of money

Many men agree with the former wife that they will pay lump sum alimony in the fixed sum. I want to warn alimony from this scheme for the payment of alimony. This is because the court cannot determine all the needs of the child immediately, i.e. for many years ahead. Likely, your ex-spouse in the future will still be served on child support and she will win the court case, because you always have to feed and clothe the child, but inflation will exist permanently. Payment of lump sum alimony may be useful to alimony only if the ex-wife and child leave for permanent residence abroad.