Size matters

There is a standard schema provided in the Family code: child support for one minor up a quarter of the monthly income of the parent, which the court obliged them to pay. For two and one third. Or 33%.

Could we arrange something?

But the writ is not the only way of obtaining alimony. The most peaceful and civilized among them is the arrangement of the ex-spouses necessarily certified by a notary. And not always talking about money. Or just about them.

Known cases, when "real" money was replaced by decorated on children of real estate (apartments, cars, etc.), payment of study abroad or even permanent residence in the family of that parent whom the court sent a writ of execution. In other words, variants are possible. And even to pay the agreement is valid once a week, quarter or year. As someone comfortable. What matters is that the result was not less than the standard monthly amount.

By the way, if "former" agree about the "solid" amount in rubles (for example, equal to 10 thousand per month, or 150 thousand per year), the court may take into account changes in the economic situation in the country and to take a decision on indexation.
"Hard" child support paid, and cases where the Respondent has no permanent monthly income; if the amount of earnings it is impossible to determine; the salary is paid in foreign currency, or, say, in food products.

In income with which to pay for the maintenance of the child or children a certain amount of law, enters not only the salary, and at all places of work, not only on the principal but also any rewards and payments. These include vacation pay, bonuses, allowances and so-called overtime.

I always have to pay 33%?

A serious problem for those who's not buying music, but only pays for it, is excused alimony. For the most part this applies, of course, men. Because not all of them know how much they have to pay, if you have time to create new family and they also had children. That is, before the man had two children and he was paying 33 mandatory "circulation", and has now become three or even four...

According to the law, the father had three or four offspring should go back to court and request a review of the previous amount of downward. Usually the judge goes to meet large parent. If he has, in addition to two, there was born one child, alimony reduced to 16.5% for each son or daughter. And if two, then to 12.5%. Two main rules:
1. the total size does not exceed 50% of father's income;
2. a child born in the new marriage should not financially suffer and be in a worse position than his half-sibling or relative.
Payment of alimony if the spouses no formal agreement, terminated on only three occasions: after the age of two children 18 years; in their adoption by the payer; in the case of his death.

Additional costs

The court has the right to increase the amount of support when illness or receiving a child from a serious injury, requiring additional treatment, surgery and care. That is, in the case when the family has an unplanned and serious material costs. They are paid in "hard" total.

To live became worse, life has become more difficult

But the court may enter a position and the payer, reducing the size with deteriorating health and (or) their financial status, documented. Does not matter, exactly how many children he had previously paid.