To restore a driver's license you need to prepare the following list of documents: passport; application for relief; medical certificate in form No. 083/u-89; a photocopy of the certificate; the document confirming that you were trained in a driving school; receipt of payment of the state fee. The validity of the medical certificate - 3 years. If, after your last medical Commission for the right to control the vehicle more time passed, you will need to issue a new certificate.
Contact the Department of traffic police at the place of your car. Address and opening hours of your branch, you can look at the official website To pay the receipt for getting a new driver's license, you can directly in the traffic police, this service is available in almost all offices. Will tell you Bank details and print the receipt. Today the state duty of 800 rubles for the issuance of a temporary permit is 500 rubles.
Perhaps, you will be required to write a letter of explanation upon loss of driving license. The statement is written in any form, just write the facts known to you, when and how documents were lost.
If your statement about the disappearance or loss of documents from representatives of the traffic police have a doubt that will require additional verification of your documents, you will be given a temporary permit to control transportnym means up to 2 months.