You will need
  • the statement in traffic police;
  • - ads;
  • - temporary residence permit;
  • - documents for the issuance of a duplicate.
Contact traffic police at the place of registration of the vehicle and a written report about the loss of a driver's license. To do this, write a statement, which describe in detail where, when and under what circumstances, the loss occurred.
To be able to drive until the resolution of the question of finding or obtaining a duplicate driver's license will receive a temporary permit which is valid for one month. During this period, you will be able to find your rights or get them a duplicate.
To obtain a temporary license, present passport, personal ID card, medical certificate, certificate or other document confirming your training on the right. Will also pay the state fee for the issuance of a duplicate, which today is 500 rubles.
Undertake attempts to find his driver's license. To do this, give the announcements in all local media, please provide your phone number and the amount of remuneration that you pay the person who returned your rights.
Post ads on all the billboards of the city, at bus stops, etc. In the ads must indicate the amount of the award which brought the person to your right. Very often, these methods give results in a few days.
If you cannot find the right, refer again to the traffic police, fill out an application form for issuance of duplicate driver's license. Present your valid passport, medical certificate, title of vehicle, personal card, registration certificate car, 4 photos 3x4, pay practical and theoretical exams, document the training on the right. All documents for issuance of duplicate are presented according to the decree of the RF Government No. 1396 and the order of the Ministry of internal Affairs 782, as well as the rules of the Russian Federation PP 1396. Pay the state fee for a duplicate.
After 1 month you will be given a driver's license.