The fetus begins to move from 8 weeks of life. His movements are quite noticeable because of the small size. Over time it grows, starts to move more actively, after 10 weeks, he can push off from the wall of the uterus, swallowing amniotic fluid, and later he learns to compress fists, felt his own face. But mom's still not feeling his movements – the fetus is too small.
About the 18th week of pregnancy the baby grows so that its movement can be felt. Mother compare them with the touch of a butterfly wing or with air bubbles in my stomach. Later, these light perturbation will grow into a very sensitive kicks and pushes and sometimes be visible to others, and towards the end, when the baby will be cramped in the uterus, will once again be weaker, but will be easy to determine, elbow pushes a mom toddler or a heel.
The average time of occurrence of movements that may feel the mother is 20 weeks for first birth and 18 - for later. All moms in fetal movements prior to this date is almost always involuntary muscle contractions or peristalsis. Often confused especially women, first-time expectant mothers and in a hurry to experience all the joys of pregnancy. But there may be nuances. For example, very thin aged primiparas women can feel the baby move a little earlier – already at 17-18 weeks, and mom waiting in the appearance of the third, fourth or more kids – even in the period of 16-17 weeks. In the case of multiple pregnancy, the mother may also feel activity children up to 18 weeks.
The first movements are felt infrequently, sometimes not even every day so the low activity of the fetus in the early stages of anxiety should not be. But in the course of pregnancy is too low or too high mobility of the child should be alerted on such occasions it is better to consult a doctor. 28 weeks of pregnancy the baby should move at least 10 times a day. The complete lack of activity for more than 12 hours is cause for immediate trips to the er. No need to waste time and spend it on a visit to the antenatal clinic – this is the case when you want to play it safe and seek medical help as soon as possible.