The first sign of too low price. Authentic watches can not be less than five thousand dollars. It is such a selling price mounted on this watch brand in Switzerland. Add to that the cost of import duties in Russia and the profit of the seller proxy and you will realize that these watches can not be cheap.
These watches always have a certificate and warranty card. These documents can testify the authenticity hours in 90% of cases. The passport must be given a clear number, date and place of sale. Be sure there is a seal. All the numbers and prints should be sharp and clearly readable. If the sale is missing, the passport may be fake or before you contraband goods.
Pay attention to the packaging. Have it branded watches are always very quality, it may be moire, saffron or other expensive materials. At the bottom of the packaging box is always detailed address and details of the manufacturer.
The dial is a real Swiss watch is always perfect quality. All labels must be absolutely clear and smooth.
In the manufacture of watches Rado sapphire glass is used only. It can be scratched by a diamond or break, dropping on concrete or marble. The same applies to the ceramic body. If your watch gets scratched easily, it is a definite fake.
Carefully inspect the bracelet. It is made of the same material as the housing, no scratches, clasp has to be bilateral, which can be locked independently from both sides.
Coating the case and bracelet on these watches is everywhere the same thickness. On the fakes it is noticeable that in the corners or along the perimeter coating is thinner. The present coating is not erased with time, however intense you may wear your watch.
If you have the opportunity to compare your watch with these, pay attention to weight. Replica always lighter than original.
Go to the official website of the company Radо and compare their model with that shown on the website. Pay attention to the description and dimensions of the original model.
The batteries in the original clock to provide trouble free performance for two to four years. The service life of the timer a little shorter than ordinary hours. This is due to the fact that the chronometers consume more energy.
Recently in Russia began to appear forgery of very high quality. They present all the appearance of these hours. In this case the only reliable way to verify the authenticity is to take the watch to an authorized service center Rado. Counterfeits use timepieces of low quality. An experienced watchmaker who is familiar with Rado products can easily identify the authenticity of watches.