Swiss watches are manufactured strictly in compliance with 3 requirements:

- watch Assembly takes place only in Switzerland;
- at least 50% of the components are only from Switzerland;
- quality control hours must be made in Switzerland. But on the dial or any other part must be the inscription of Swiss Made or just Swiss. If the watch is made in another country, they allowed the inscription Swiss Movement or Swiss Quartz.
The inscription Geneva or Geneve indicates the high quality of the model. This word is found in many fake watches. So, if you offer a product that says at a low price, give up the purchase - it may not be the original.
A good thing is not inexpensive. Swiss watches on average cost about 2 thousand dollars. Only some models can have a different price, for example, Swatch or Flik Flak.
To know how to distinguish a fake Swiss watch, it is important to know a few main differences between the original models. For example, there are watches with a convex sapphire crystal. They cost more than 1,5 thousand dollars. The model, whose body is made of steel and gold or solid gold, can cost less than 2 thousand dollars.
The original model is often equipped with complex functions, for example, the arrow indicator power reserve or moon phase, perpetual calendar, etc. These watches are valued more than 2-2,5 thousand dollars.
The cost of Swiss watches is influenced by rare mechanisms, for example, Frederic Piguet and Lemania. Of particular value are the limited hours, i.e. those issued in a strictly defined amount. Their price is much higher than conventional models.
When you purchase Swiss watches please note that the packaging was branded imprinted passport.
Some companies put on their watches. For example, Breguet on the dial of its product makes the cryptography to see it only under a certain angle of inclination.
Buy watches only in the company store a history of collaboration with the Swiss masters.
To recognize the original goods without a detailed examination of the case and the clock mechanism is extremely difficult for even a qualified specialist.