Buy a tour in Switzerland (for example, to the ski resorts) and one of the free days go to Zurich on Banhofstrasse in order to buy a watch. However, be prepared for the fact that the prices of watches on this famous street bankers, jewelers and watchmakers can unpleasantly surprise, even though there are located the best shops of the famous brands of watches.
Stroll down the other streets. Look at the signs above the shops. Go to one of them. Don't be embarrassed, if the situation of the small cabin will look poorly: in Europe, especially in Switzerland, decided not to flaunt their wealth. And sometimes in those small shops you can buy great watches at lower prices.
Be sure to ask the seller the documents confirming the fact that he is an authorized dealer of a watch manufacturer. If documents from the seller there, turn around and leave. It is possible that in the salon trading hours b/a giving them a presentation.
If with documents everything is in order, select clock. When buying watches you can ask for a discount up to 10%. But better to start with 3%. In any case, the dealer will not be in the black.
If you have time to spare, you can buy a watch in duty-free one of the Swiss airports. However, there is not such a wide choice and also you can miscalculate the price. The fact that the Swiss customs, subject to the availability of all documents at the clock, showing that you bought them in this country (certificates), the full amount of the tax margins on expensive purchases.
Go to the website of one of the manufacturers to get the entire list of official sellers of Swiss watches around the world. For example, Select the make and model. Find out how much these watches in most of Switzerland, and how many in Russia.
Please note: you can buy a watch much cheaper if the model is out of fashion or not popular among connoisseurs (this also happens). Be careful when shopping on the Internet. You can sell the watch used or an older model at a higher price. In order to learn about the latest models, visit the official websites of manufacturers and read the regularly published reports out there about presentations of new models.