What is oxytocin and why is it needed?

The hormone oxytocin is released in the hypothalamus, then the pituitary gland, where spreads throughout the body via blood vessels. It contains both men and women, although the number may be different for different people and increases or decreases in certain States. The effect of oxytocin is very extensive. In men this hormone increases the ability to recognize opponents, helps to maintain feelings of well-being, allows to be faithful and stick to a monogamous relationship.

In the female body, the role of oxytocin even more active. Hormone stimulates muscle contractions of many internal organs – bladder, intestines, gall bladder, and most importantly – of the uterus, which contributes to the prosperous course of labor and the allocation of the normal amount of milk.
Milk is produced by the action of another hormone, prolactin, and oxytocin but it makes him stand out from his chest.

Oxytocin has an effect on the female psyche: allows one to recognise the people closest to her in strength of character and spirit, causes trust relationship, regulates the attachment to your partner, and causing unconditional love to children, fostering the emergence of maternal instinct.

When the level of oxytocin?

Both men and women amount of the hormone oxytocin in the body increases with love, and the more reciprocal feeling, the more stands out this substance which causes a person to experience even more vivid emotions and causes love. Moreover, its level increases with each action associated with the communication with your partner: for example, the amount of the hormone increase when the person doing the massage, when lovers hug and kiss. Especially sharply jumps oxytocin after orgasm, creating a feeling of well-being, happiness and tranquility.
This effect has more practical meaning: under the influence of oxytocin sperm begin to behave more actively and faster reach your target, increasing the likelihood of conception.

In women, the hormone is actively produced since the beginning of pregnancy, and before childbirth it the number increases dramatically. Under its influence, the uterus begins to contract, stimulating contractions and facilitating the birth of a child. Moreover, oxytocin has an analgesic effect that reduces pain during childbirth. During breast feeding oxytocin level high and always jumps dramatically if a woman hears a baby cry.

The man increases the level of oxytocin, if he communicates with the child after birth – it causes emotional attachment, reduces stress, lifestyle changes, increases the likelihood of loyalty.