You will need
    • thin narrow knife;
    • two ladle or small saucepan;
    • one liter of water;
    • iron plug;
    • small strainer;
    • sunflower oil;
    • clean glass jar;
    • salt is fine.
Scrape the caviar out of the tub, where she lay, to another clean container e.g. ladle or saucepan. Take a sharp, long and thin knife. This knife sharp clipping all movements dissect the ovary (egg-bearing sacs out of fish). After that, should get a uniform mass.
Take the larger size ladle or saucepan and pour in it the salt rock large size (two tablespoons with slide). Then pour in a jar or other container with one liter of water, pour it into a ladle, where is salt. Stir and dissolve it in water, make a brine - salt solution.
Put the brine on heat, bring to a boil, and then pour all the eggs (so much water and salt you can use if you have up to one litre tins of caviar). Don't pour out all the brine, because salt is a lot of sand. As a result, you should get caviar, bathed in hot brine.
Next, take the iron fork and in a circular motion for about two minutes stir the eggs. Then grab a small strainer and start to draw the eggs out of the pan into another container. Brine is still pretty dirty and unclear. At this stage we can not wait for the brine to completely drain through a sieve.
Make the brine for the second time (one liter of water, a few spoons of salt with slide): put on fire, bring to a boil, pour the eggs, stir with a fork and remove the film. After you re-fill the brine of the caviar should be clean, each egg separated.
Again, make a brine (in the third and last time), pour eggs, stir and get the already clean and clear caviar. After this strainer to remove all the eggs (and wait about two minutes until all the brine drained through a sieve) and place on a clean plate.
When lay all the eggs, take a bottle of sunflower oil and a jar where you will put the eggs. Pour a little oil on the bottom of the jar, and a tablespoon put in her eggs. As all put, take one small teaspoon, scoop out it of fine salt and pour in the eggs. If you love caviar too salty, then take a spoonful of salt (no slides), and if not, then quite a quarter of a teaspoon. Next, mix the salt with caviar, tamp top with a large spoon, pour a little more oil and cover with a glass lid (can be different).
Put a jar in the fridge for 4-5 hours, and then you can eat with a spoon, spread on bread, eat...