Advice 1: How to recognize a person's character

The character of a person by drawing attention to his appearance, manner of dress, studied the handwriting and other external features. This knowledge is useful and allow you to reach out to the person, help build the right relationship with him before you know him well.
How to recognize a person's character
Look at the man, assessing his appearance. Note the eyes – their color, size, and location relative to the bridge of the nose can tell a lot about the nature of man. Dark eyes give the person quick-tempered and emotionally explosive nature – such people are sensual, they are sociable and intelligent, witty and very selective about the choice of friends. People with light eyes often dreamy, sentimental and romantic. Intense eye color (blue, green, or dark grey) gives people a romantic, but often arrogant and haughty. Little eyes there are people have closed, silent and sullen, while the bigeye often become leaders, they are courageous and sensual. Swollen eyelids distinguish people interested and prone to violent pastime.
The behavior of man – a clue to his character. Closed people who prefer solitude and privacy are called introverts. Their opposite – extroverts who are open and generous with emotions, love the noise and the crowd. Secretive people can be melancholic or phlegmatic. Phlegmatic is extremely slow, considering every action, and melancholic are often depressed, sad and wallowing in self-pity. Active people, most likely, choleric and sanguine. Choleric and short-tempered impulsive and distracted. Sanguine characteristic of quick enthusiasm that just as quickly disappears.
The appearance of the person and his figure can tell a lot about him. Low fat people are sociable and talkative, they are easy to communicate, they have a good sense of humor. Well-built people of high or average growth is usually purposeful and energetic, strive to become a leader. Asteniki quite fragile physique, uncommunicative and closed, but the power of love and extremely ambitious.
If you have the opportunity to study the handwriting of man, then you will be able to get an idea about its owner. Energetic people direct handwriting, the letters are drawn up. Naughty people usually do uppercase disproportionately large. But if the first letter just above the lowercase, then the person is modest and unassuming.

Advice 2: How to recognize a dysfunctional relationship

Whether to try to revive a dysfunctional relationship or is it useless?
How to recognize a dysfunctional relationship

The lack of trust

Honestly examine your relationship: are you lying, hiding important things, unable to admit their mistakes? Then it is clear that your relationship is definitely not functioning properly. If you feel that your partner is hiding something, cheating on you, you can't trust him, your relationship is deeply broken, should think about whether they should continue and whether these relationships further meaning.

The lack of respect

Respect is the cornerstone of the relationship. Even in ordinary friendship between people worthless to be disrespectful towards the other, as it is clearly visible from the outside and does not bear positive results. You can tell that you love each other and respect? Try to list at least 10 things you appreciate your partner, and then think whether he will be able also to assemble such a list. Once you cease to respect each other, your relationship stand on a dangerous path and are doomed to failure.

The shortage of space

No matter how you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of joint activities safely will strangle your love. The lack of space and their own interests is a reliable sign that in your relationship something is wrong and should reconsider their views.

Emotional pressure

You want to go with your girlfriends for a bachelorette party, but a partner makes the scene with famously feigned a heart attack? Constantly uses ultimatums and statements like: "If you love me, then..."? As soon as the relationship takes emotional blackmail, it is time to change something.

Advice 3: How to recognize scabies

Scabies is a disease that is called cessationism mite. It is very contagious. If your skin settled larvae scabies, the first sign of infection you will feel in two weeks. How to recognize scabies? What signs will tell you that the infection happened?
How to recognize scabies
Scabies is characterized by severe itching. It is unbearable and you will constantly brush the affected areas. When you experience unbearable itching, carefully inspect the surface of the skin. Pay special attention to the skin folds between the toes, belly, buttocks, back, and inner thighs. Men - scrotum and penis. It is often these places are being enhanced attack mites. Look for small reddish rash. Often she has the form of small nodules pink in color. Because of the scratching, the vesicles crust over. Quite often, the bites are paired in nature. That is located on the surface of the skin next to each other two bites.
Please note what time the itching is most pronounced. How to recognize scabies? Itch mites are most active at night. Day its activity is reduced, and the itching becomes much weaker. By mid-day it can be dropped altogether. But don't expect that it was all over. By evening, the itching will appear again.
Look for the so-called "itch moves". If the infection occurred a long time ago, you will notice them. They are dry cracks in the skin surface. Carefully inspect cracks as they are detected. Often scabies is confused with allergies. If you have been a Allergy, you will soon be able to distinguish it from infectious disease.
In order to distinguish the itch from allergies, take the usual drug. After some time to carefully consider his rash. If it's an Allergy, after taking the drug a rash turns pale, and perhaps disappear altogether. If the rash remains the same – be sure you have scabies.
Make sure your family and friends. If you contracted scabies, the itching will soon feel they are. Carefully inspect the skin of his family. Upon detection of a similar rash do not hesitate to contact the clinic by place of residence. A dermatologist will help you to get rid of the disease and prevent infection of a large number of people from your environment.
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