People with a dancing gait are considered forgetful, frivolous, frequently changing their sexual partners. On such quite difficult to rely on.
Lost in thought, uncommunicative are people, with uncertain step. Are not want to attract undue attention and are not confident.
Slow, "crane" step refers to people indifferent, or, conversely, dissatisfied with everything. Such people bitter and heavy in dialogue.
On the contrary, rapid steps have people with hot nature. They are fortunate, like a lot of work and play. There is one negative factor – these people care more about themselves than about others.
Arrogant, short-tempered people go sonorous gait, clearly knocking heels. Such a gait is not an indicator of confidence, she says that people, most likely, on the contrary, is not confident. Such people often change sexual partners.
Sedate step speaks of a man balanced, calm, not capable of rash acts. Such people are loyal and reliable.
Energetic, goal-oriented nature of much waving the arms when walking. They are pleasant, and the relationships sincere.
Motionless hanging hands when walking and severe gait say, on the contrary, the person weak-willed, boring. Such people are boring in life and in bed.
Poor people who used to and accustomed to poverty, have a trembling step. They are bad lovers, monotonous life is their motto.
Fine pitch gives people pedantic and picky. They are unsociable, because communication with them gives me great pleasure.
Cheerful by nature, but also very annoying people who when you walk put the heel inside. Such people are very receptive.
So, without looking to the human "soul", it is possible to learn about his characterbut in his gait.