To soften the shock. Some people prefer to wait out the acute and dreary time, overeating chocolate and watching soap operas, someone is playing for hours in the Internet toys or surf YouTube in search of love songs. This is normal, but to a certain point. Nothing wrong if a period lasts from three weeks to three weeks. But if it drags on, it is necessary to include will power and self-love: "I'm too good to move". Depression needs to ripen, to advance to the next phase when he wakes up the interest of life, and man tries to understand what happened.
To give energy output. At parting unlucky in love tend to fall into melancholy, hate yourself or others, to shift the blame on others. It is also a form of depression, but her need to control. To suppress negative thoughts, to drive them into the subconscious is not necessary. If my heart hurts, that means we need to admit it and feel sorry for myself. But this time better like yoga, tai Chi, qigong. Gymnastics for the body will calm the mind and give "endorphins" natural hormones of happiness and the best antidepressant. If everything is done correctly, then once after a workout in mind, the question arises: "why actually, I killed him?" Life is too good for tears!
To reach out to people. Love gives a feeling of emotional comfort, the ability to speak your feelings, your inner world. A lot of couples are so fixated on each other that you lose friends. And after breaking up be in the vacuum. Therefore, it is useful to focus on the ones who need your help, to charity, to volunteer. Warm emotions, fondness, gratitude will help you cope with feelings of loneliness. And to take the usual norm of communication in the new company. It is useful to learn a new hobby, study languages, make finally your website. New circle of acquaintances and interests will force out the memories of a former friend.
To put everything on its head. A month and a half after the breakup (and someone earlier) is to do the following exercise: write out in a column all the negative that brought the collapse of love, and next is to make positive conclusions. For example, "I felt alone for two weeks" - "But now I'm elf level 80, I went through all the melodrama and threw out all the junk from your room." "He betrayed me" "It gave me experience that will keep me from a more dangerous situation." We're not aware that we benefit from the breakup.
To understand what is happening to you. Love is akin to poisoning. If you get sick and continue to eat thus poisoned mushrooms, possibly fatal. Much smarter to throw out the mushrooms, make the sorbent, pulling toxins from the body and to lie down. So with the sense of revenge. It destroys the mind and soul.