To drive in a car with a manual transmission – the first element that begin to fulfill the students at the driving school. And really, in another way. But here starts the first problem – the machine twitches, hums and stalls. But, if done correctly and consistently, and you will cease to notice how went.
On cars with manual gearbox to start the movement is necessary to squeeze the clutch, engage first speed, and, pressing the clutch pedal to press the gas pedal. Like anything complex. Now analyze in detail all the errors.
When you start to press the gas pedal, the clutch pedal you need to gradually let go. But happens so that the clutch continues to hold, fueling and increasing the speed, or dramatically drop, not starting motion and the engine stalls.
Follow the tachometer. You can start a little povazovat, watching the arrow. You need to understand what value of the tachometer is sufficient speed in order for the car started.
The clutch and gas to squeeze simultaneously, with the same force. If you suddenly feel that the clutch pressed too much, again press the pedal. Your main task – to move smoothly and not stall. Don't need much gas. If you give a lot of gas, and the clutch pedal must be pressed very quickly. And touched you with slip.
You need not to miss the moment when will be recruited the required speed, the machine will begin to make the leap. Grip down almost to the end. But a little bit keep until the car will pass a couple of meters. And only then can we let go of the clutch completely.
To understand in what place you can loosen the clutch pedal will help a simple exercise. Turn on first speed. The gas pedal not press. Start slowly release the clutch pedal. At some point, the car slowly moved. But you need to remember in which position the clutch pedal the car starts moving.