You will need
  • "Spregal"
  • - benzyl benzoate
  • sulphur ointment
Examining the body, make sure that the infection occurred cessationism mite. The skin itself is not noticeable tick, and the moves that he shows in its upper layer - the dermis. It looks like a grayish line from 2 to 8 mm, resembling scratches, sometimes visible small bubbles - bites. Most often, the infection starts with the hands, but sometimes other localization.
Contact your doctor immediately – you are contagious. If the family was infected at one, the treatment will be for the whole family. The doctor will not only advise you on how to get rid of scabies, but also advise the most gentle ways. In kindergartens and schools declared a quarantine mode.
If you find only a few scratches or bumps, then hurry to the pharmacy and purchase tools from scabies. Try as soon as possible to take action. The condition of the skin continue to watch. A visit to the doctor in the case of lung infection is relevant.
One of the most effective drugs to date is the "Spregal". In addition, he used the benzyl benzoate, sulfuric ointment, etc. For infants and young children use more gentle medicines. All funds to be used exclusively externally, in accordance with the enclosed instructions. Mostly not only the affected area but also the entire surface of the skin. Wash in days of treatment impossible.
During treatment you must daily change underwear and bed linen. Disinfect it by boiling and thorough Ironing. Outerwear also, be sure to iron. Wet cleaning in the premises to carry out preferably using disinfectants, pay special attention to those surfaces which touch the hands.
With all the recommendations you will be able to get rid of scabies within 1-2 weeks.