You will need
  • - the pharmaceutical preparations of the "Benzyl benzoate", "Crotamiton", "Spregal".
To quickly get rid of scabies pharmacy use insecticidal agents, and preferably by the physician. But since this is not always possible, before blindly applying, carefully read the instructions. Other methods related to traditional methods of treatment of scabies, use as additional, but not major or only.
One of the most common remedies for scabies is the drug "Benzyl benzoate". For adult use 20% ointment or emulsion, and children 10%. The duration of treatment is 4 days. After a shower apply the product on the skin, including the interdigital spaces, palms and feet. Capture not only the face, neck and head. Next, put on clean clothes, and for 3 days don't wash away the ointment. After treatment do not wash your hands for 3 hours, however, if necessary, after every wash to lubricate them again. On the 4th day, take a shower, and then apply the emulsion (ointment) again and leave for a day. Change underwear. On the fifth day, wash thoroughly with soap and change clothes and bedding.
Equally effective in the treatment of scabies drug "Crotamiton". In addition to the effects on the tick and it still relieves itching. Before use, shake the bottle and apply to clean skin from chin to toe, capturing all the creases, folds and interdigital spaces. Next, put on clean clothes. After 24 hours repeat the process, and after application to the skin, change clothing and bed linen. After 2 days (48 hours) after repeated rubbing take a long shower gel or mild soap.
If in the daytime the treatment of scabies for any reason not available, use a drug "Spregal". It put in 18-19 hours and leave overnight. At a distance of 20 cm spray it over the entire surface of the body, start with the affected by scabies places, but the skin of the head and face do not apply. Put on clean clothing and change bed linen. After 12 hours carefully wash under the shower. Most often once is enough.
Applying any remedy for scabies, treat all family members. This will help prevent re-infection. In addition, all of the items and floor handle detergents. Linen and underwear of used during the treatment, soak in powder, boil and after washing dry in the sun. Wool or fur product that cannot be washed, dry in the sun for weeks.