Advice 1: How to get rid of jealousy to her husband

Family life, some couples can severely disrupt the jealousy of his wife. The reasons for it can be mass. In some cases, a woman has a real reason for concern, but more often this feeling is groundless and empty suspicions can ruin a relationship, breaking trust and support in the family. How to get rid of jealousy to her husband, we will discuss in this article.
How to get rid of jealousy to her husband
Listen to yourself and understand why you are so worried and that caused the jealousy to the husband. Take this reason is critical – if you're in the shower you know that my husband is no longer interested in communicating with you, and he gets more pleasure from working and from socializing with friends, admit it.
Be aware of the real cause of jealousy – perhaps it is not that the husband is wrong, and that you are not satisfied with themselves and the relationship between you. Try to discuss difficulties with her husband, talk to him heart to heart. Do not accuse her of infidelity, it does not help to get rid of jealousy, but on the contrary will cause negative emotions.
Do not trust the gossip and speculation – even if friends and colleagues say that her husband is cheating on you, it may not be so, and these people just pursue their own interests. Just listen to your own intuition, try to maintain an atmosphere of mutual trust in the family. In such circumstances, it is easier to get rid of jealousy to the husband.
If you notice that the husband really looks at other girls, don't make scandals, and understand what qualities in you missing your husband. Take care of yourself – ask him what won't be the girls who have become sympathetic to him. Let him know that you are the most caring, beautiful and talented woman.
Cultivate the best qualities that will attract even more husband to you. Improve, continuously grow and learn. A man does not want to leave the woman who is constantly in a state of creative and intellectual growth, which is always interesting.
If you are not able to stop to be jealous, and this feeling becomes stronger than your aspirations and desires, consult a psychologist who will help to cope with anxiety and find the cause in your own psyche.

Advice 2 : How to overcome jealousy

Since childhood, people experience jealousy. First the feeling arises in relation to parents, then to friends, then jealousy is manifested to a loved one. Disputes amid jealousy can destroy any relationship. So why is there this feeling and would he like to face?
How to overcome jealousy

Jealousy to a certain value can be inherited. The distant ancestors of humanity were guided by this feeling, to win the coveted prey or to eliminate a rival. Jealousy became in a sense, to designate competitiveness. In the modern world it is through this sense people are forced to care for themselves and stay in shape.

The notion of jealousy of the favorite can flatter. The fact that someone loves man and is jealous of him to the others allows you to feel superior. But all insanely annoying when someone starts to pry into his personal Affairs, whether it is control over the mail, or communicating with the opposite sex.

According to some, the feeling of low self-esteem and stretches from early childhood. It's one thing when a child grows up surrounded by love and understanding, and quite another if he constantly feels the anxiety and not feel any support from others. Jealousy often occurs in people who are insecure, lonely and deprived of love.

Jealousy can drive a person to terrible things. The inability to control your feelings often causes great harm to others. Can be called jealousy is a disease and in this case, to talk with doctors about the methods of control of the situation.

Also jealousy can be caused by a sense of superiority over others. High self-esteem makes us believe the person in the fact that people should pay special attention to it.

What steps can you take to suppress this feeling? To begin with, is to acknowledge these emotions. Emotions are a destructive force, but actions can hurt. Realizing jealousy, don't deny this feeling, but to recognize it and to consult with a specialist.

People can like other people, and it would be strange if, having started to date someone, the partner has lost their sympathy for others.

Instead of feeling a burning jealousy should try to reevaluate my attitude and find the strength and words to Express your positive emotions to others and learn to compliment others. The ability to hide the jealousy will greatly facilitate the life of loved ones and the man himself.

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