The transfer of the signature is carried out by order of the company or registration of a notarized power of attorney. If necessary, revocation of the right of signature, the withdrawal procedure depends on how processed the transfer, the company informed.
If the right of signature was transferred by order of the organization, then make a new document that cancels the first since a specific date. Inform under the signature of authorised persons about the fact of the revocation signature. This can be a sheet reference, or a formal document.
In those cases where the right of the signature transferred via a notarized power of attorney, revocation of signature, you must go to the notary. It is the notary who previously apply for this authorization, and conducts the procedure of its cancellation. After that, notify the Trustee to revoke the right of signature. In the absence of the ability to communicate with a trusted person, send him a registered letter with notification.
Informing previously authorized to sign documents of the entity and all persons, representation before whom the authorised person has exercised, is a prerequisite for revocation of the right of signature. All actions taken by a person to the moment it was informed of the revocation of a signature will have no legal force.
Don't forget to take the original power of attorney after its cancellation.