Call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs." Open link in Microsoft Office and launch Outlook. In order to use the names of the recipients in the address book application, open the menu "File" top service panels Oulook and select the command "Create".
Select the subcommand "mailing List" and type the desired name of the created list in the line "Name". Go to the tab "mailing List" in the dialog box, and click "Choose participants." Specify the address book contains the email addresses in the directory Address book. Type the name of the selected recipient in the "Search" and select the defined name in the directory, located under the search bar. Click on the link "Participants" and repeat all the above steps for each desired destination distribution. Confirm the selected actions by clicking the OK button.
If you want to create distribution list from names in email messages, scroll to the desired name in the "to:" line and call its context menu by right-clicking the mouse. Enter the command "Copy", and then expand Microsoft Office. Select "distribution Lists" in the section "Create new Outlook item" and click "distribution Lists" dialog box.
Select the link "Select members" under "Members" and open the context menu of the same row, click the right mouse button in the next dialog box "Select members". Point to "Insert"and confirm saving the changes by pressing the OK button.
Type the desired name of the created mail in the string "Name" and again go back to the tab "mailing Lists". Use the command "Save and close" under "Actions".