Select the correct belt length. The correct belt should be in the range of 2.8 to 3.2 m. If the belt is tied correctly, it knotted the ends should be above the knee but below the hem of the jacket. Remember that a well-tied belt is a 5% success that, in General, a lot, when competing equally strong rivals.
Find the middle of the belt, folded it in half. The middle belt will be the starting point. Position the belt in front of the middle of the belt must coincide with the center of the belly. How to find the center of the belly, perhaps you'll be able to easily understand.
Wrap around the waist twice for proper fixation. Remember that the belt should be tied moderately tight. That is, it should not hang, but do not overly compress your insides, hard knotting your equipment – this can not only badly affect your health, but also to weaken you in battle. Next you should align the ends of the belt.
Make the wings of both revolutions of the belt the outer end and bring the end up. Then make a knot around the upper end of the lower end. If you find it hard to imagine all this diluted zone, then your service is image, in order to understand how to do it. If you find it difficult to understand how to tie a belt on yourself, try to practice on someone else, for example, coach, or opponent.
How to tie a belt for <b>Sambo</b>
Through the resulting loop to extend the upper end of the belt. Then in the horizontal position, tighten the knot and get a properly tied belt combat Sambo. You now have +5 strength, dexterity, or something else. The important thing is that to win you have to put 95 % effort, not 100.If you failed, don't despair, untie the belt and try again after rereading the manual and checking the images again tie it. Good luck in tying the belt in wrestling, called Sambo.
How to tie a belt for <b>Sambo</b>