You will need
  • - proof of income at the place of work;
  • - plan BTI;
  • - the cadastral passport;
  • - extract from the house register;
  • - a copy of a current financial account.
Determine whether it is possible to rewrite the front the expense of another person. This procedure can be performed only for an adult citizen of the Russian Federation, which is registered and lives in this housing. However, he needs to have a certain income, which will allow to pay utilities.
Discuss with family members the possibility of opening several facial accounts. This will allow you to spread the payments for utilities if the apartment is home to a few people. It should be noted that the front account can be divided in equal shares or determined for a specific room.
Get written consent from all family members living in the apartment, on the census front expense. If someone is against such action, the dispute can be solved only in court.
Gather the documents that you want to make changes in the contract of employment and making a new front expense. It consists of: income certificate at the place of work, plan of BTI and cadastral passport, an extract from the house register, a copy of the current financial-obverse account. Write an application for the renewal of personal accountand into another person or split it to several family members.
Submit your application with required documents to the office of Department of housing policy in your area. If all the documents are prepared correctly and that no claims OS by other family members, the deadlines you will receive a new personal account. You must also sign a modified contract of employment.
Refer claim to court if it's not possible to rewrite the front account this way. It is necessary to obtain from Ujpest written justification of refusal in carrying out this procedure. Obtain a decision on the basis of which the housing organization will be required to rewrite the front account.