In order to open an account, how to budget the enterprise and any other enterprise, collect relevant documents. It can be found on the website of the Federal Treasury.
Make a statement about the opening of the account. It needs to be according to the established pattern. If your form does not meet the specification, the claim for consideration on the opening of accounts will not be able to take. Sign the document with the signature of the chief accountant or the head of the enterprise (signed by the person who is responsible for reporting and maintenance, in General, accounting).
Prepare a copy of the certificate of listing your enterprise in the Unified state register of enterprises and organizations. Assure a copy of the certificate by a notary or the authority which issued the relevant document.
If we are talking about budget venture, provide a copy of the regulations on the budget institution, which assure at the notary or authority that issued the document. If your organization (enterprise) is a direct beneficiary of the funds, you must also have a notarized copy of the Charter of the company.
Receive and attach to General documents, the certificate stating that your company is a taxpayer and is (i.e. was) in the traffic police. Provide a copy of this document, which must be certified directly to the tax office.
Prepare a certificate that will attest to the fact that your company is registered with the Pension Fund.
Fill in the appropriate document that confirms the fact that your company is officially registered as a payer of social insurance contributions (it is possible to provide a notarized copy of this document).