Making a homemade space suit for a fancy dress astronaut start with preparing the basics. As such, use a balloon. When inflated it needs to be significantly more the child's head and, moreover, to have the form close to spherical.
Inflating the ball, start to apply the layers of papier-mache. The first layers adjacent to the ball, make from ordinary paper - it is thicker, and for later use of the newspaper. Stop when the thickness of the walls of the future hat will amount to a few millimeters.
Leave blank to dry for a few days. When it becomes completely dry, pierce the balloon with a needle directly through the layer of papier-mache, and it burst. Take a modeling knife and carefully so as not to crush the field, penetrate bottom a round hole for the head, and the front - face. Make sure that the helmet is easily put on and removed.
Now fabricate a safety glass, which is available to all of real space helmets. Cut it out of a plastic bottle and glue. But remember, a toy hat, in contrast to this, the tightness of the is contraindicated! Therefore, the perimeter of the glass, drill a lot of holes with a diameter of a few millimeters.
Now the finished product must be painted. These helmets of the astronauts silver. This is necessary to prevent them from sun heat. But to paint a toy helmet with silver paint from the spray can, because it's poisonous. It is better to use for this bright white gouache. Before you use the finished product for the play or play the astronauts, and let the paint dry completely. You can further decorate the helmet with markers or gouache to paint the prop screws to make labels and paste over with a soft cloth (not blocking the vent holes) to make it more comfortable to wear.