Start making the costume better with the helmet. To do this, inflate a balloon to a size slightly larger than the head of the child. Glue a ball of scraps of paper – the helmet is papier-mache. The paper should be good to coat with glue and apply in several layers. After the frame will be thick enough, leave it to dry and proceed to the sewing of overalls.
Sew the overalls have silver or white fabric. To make a pattern, trace the normal baby clothes – a jacket and pants and add a little bit to suit of the cosmonaut is quite free. In the same way stitch the large gauntlets – gauntlets.
Decorate the jumpsuit can be more "technological" elements to stick on the chest of CDs, a panel or even a light bulb from Christmas lights, battery operated.
While you worked on the suit, probably dry storage for helmet. With a utility knife cut it in two circles: the one to wear a helmet on the head, the second is the window in which you will see the face of the child. The bursting of the ball, remove and tightly wrap the item from papier-mache household foil or paint with silver paint. Using a thin transparent plastic material (for example, packaging of cake) you can make the helmet look more realistic. Cut the plastic a suitable size rounded visor and clip it on the helmet.
Required for each astronaut subject – backpack system software behind. Take a large box from under the Shoe, wrap it with foil and attach to the back of the suit like a backpack.
Moon boots in a to do just. To do this, take the rubber boots and tape secure them on the same foil.
Your costume astronaut ready. Dressing him in her baby, and safely send him to a matinee of "surf the Universe".