You will need
  • - washing powder;
  • - detergent for wool;
  • - washing machine
  • - clothes brush;
  • - sponge;
  • - stain;
  • - air conditioning;
  • - iron.
Read the information on the tag manufacturer's blanket. It should be shown particular care for the product. Usually the stories are called soft and hard matter from the cotton; it can also contain fibers of natural wool or be completely wool. Wash the product required, taking into account characteristics of the material used.
Wash cotton blankets brings home the hosts much trouble. Such a thing can be washed in any washing powder manually or run in automatic washing machine. Most importantly, you will Refine the permissible maximum load of the drum – maybe with a blanketm a large volume machine can't handle.
Use the gentle wash cycle and fabric softener to the wash flannelette blanket stayed soft. If your automatic machine has the program "Baby clothes", use it. Valid also normal and delicate wash, temperature not above 40 degrees.
Wash the bike with a content of wool fibers is possible only in a special delicate cycle for wool, using a special detergent. If the quilt has stains or regional jet highly contaminated, pre-asterite problem areas by hand and apply a suitable stain remover.
Heavily contaminated flannelette blanket it is recommended to first soak in a cool solution of mild detergent for half an hour, and then immersed into the washing machine.
Dry the washed blanket in a washing machine at a low temperature, then let it process to continue under ambient conditions in the expanded state. Spin can not use – just roll the wet product in a roll (without twisting!), went to excess moisture.
Amperite bike dried up or Pat her, heating the iron to 150 degrees. You will just have to carefully comb out the updated blanket apparel brush with two sides to lift and fluff up the soft pile.