You need to quit Smoking immediately and not gradually, reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Even one cigarette a day will satisfy the body's need for nicotine, therefore, this method cannot be called freedom from Smoking. Accordingly, sooner or later the man who decided to quit Smoking by reducing the number of cigarettes smoked, will return to its usual dose. The same applies to the transition to the so-called "light" cigarettes – you'll just smoke more of them than usual.
The use of nicotine gum, sticking plasters, replacing cigarettes with electronic analogues is also considered to be inefficient methods, so to use them you should not.
Take special drugs to facilitate Smoking cessation – you can buy them at the pharmacy ("Tabex"). They do not contain nicotine and cause a smoker aversion to it for some time. During this period, a person can realize and firmly establish its desire to get rid of dependence and to evaluate their force in the process of quitting Smoking.
Use psychological methods to get rid of nicotine addiction. As a rule, people with well-developed willpower cope with this problem easily – they just quit and not go back to this habit, aware of its harm and the absolute uselessness for yourself. To cope with the addiction will help a good psychologist or hard work by setting priorities and goals in life.
Be prepared for the fact that you will constantly wish to smoke. But the desire will gradually weaken, and in 3-6 months you will be able to visit public places where many smokers, meet in the company of Smoking friends, etc.
At the time of quitting pay more attention to sports – intensive exercise, swim, visit the sauna or steam bath. In addition to the psychological cleansing is necessary to help the body rid itself of nicotine – drink more, take vitamins, eat full and sleep a lot.
Change the usual rituals that are associated with cigarette – your morning coffee, breaks at work, stress, etc. On time, abstain from alcohol, because alcohol causes the desire to smoke. Look for other ways of relieving stress.