To quit Smoking reduction of cigarettes" - the most naive of all methods. As a rule, it suggest people who have never smoked. Or smokers deceive themselves that with such a reception have the opportunity finally to quit nicotine addiction. The fact that even one cigarette a day easily meets the requirement (caused by Smoking) of nicotine in the body. And not last that long. Such people often yell at my usual dosage. Naturally, to quit Smoking using the Smoking, it's still the same to emphasize the exceptional role of nicotine on human. This method is absolutely unacceptable.
Nicotine gum, patches, electronic cigarettes etc. Also quite naive means. When a person wants to get rid of dependence on nicotine, the worst of means of implementation the intended target is to use nicotine in a different "shell". As a rule, after the use of "substitutes" the man soon returned again to cigarettes.
Medications to facilitate Smoking cessation is not contain nicotine. More effective. As a rule, they cause the body's aversion to nicotine for some time, thus giving the man the "head start" in a week or a month. Then will have a choice not to smoke or to start again. The effect is often positive because a month later people can firmly decide to do away with Smoking. It is recommended to take the Bulgarian drug Tabex, which is available in almost all pharmacies of Russia.
Willpower is also a common way without using any tools. In this way quitting Smoking is easier, because it is not "exaggerating" the role of nicotine in human life. Don't think this drug is so important that in order to fight him you need to take any medications or substitutes.
After a sharp cast of cigarettes a person will "break" because nicotine causes addiction, including psychological. Because of Smoking over the years, become something akin to a ritual. Increased desire to smoke will last about 2-3 days. Then the desire will be weaker but do not disappear even in the course of from one to three months. Then there is a chance that it will disappear completely.