Sit on the floor, right leg pull and the sock put on left hip. On the inhale, push the left palm on the knee, sending him to the floor. If the right hand you will hold the toes of the left foot, at the same time will affect the ankle that useful to you in the future for a more comfortable stay in the pose of Lotus. Do the exercise on the right leg.
Sit on your buttocks, place the heel along the hips, sending your knees forward. On the inhale, lean back and lean on something on the forearm. If such a situation is given to you easily, continue to fall on the floor. Hold a comfortable level for 1.5 minutes. Then climb gently above the floor. Exhaling, lean forward, put your head on the floor and relax.
Sit, having connected feet together, knees down to the floor. Exhaling, bend forward, extend hands in front of him and put the hands on the floor. Try to relax so you can stretch the body as low as possible and fully open the joints of the hips. Stretch for 2 minutes. On the inhale slowly begin to straighten up.
Go sit in previous position. Lift the right leg off the floor and put it on the left. Exhale down the body to floor and relax. After 3 minutes on the inhale straighten up and make the switch. Repeat the exercise.
Now that you are well stretched legs and opened joints, you can start this asana Lotus. Sit up straight, legs pull ahead. Bend your right knee and place the toe on the thigh of the left leg. Bend your second knee, grasp the sock and pull it toward you, trying to hold on to the right thigh. Perhaps the first few days of these manipulations will be given to you with difficulty, and you will make a movement through pain. But soon you will notice that each time your body easier taking the position of the Lotus.