Wash your hair before styling. Clean hair is half the battle, even complicated styling it will look messy dirty hair.
Choose the best method of styling hair on the basis of their degree of damage. Cold stacking is achieved without the use of a Hairdryer, hair straightener and Styler. The hair dry naturally. Cold stacking does not injure the structure of the hair, in contrast to hot. But it takes more time, which is so often lacking. If your hair is severely damaged, do not overuse hot styling often.
If you want to give a tidy look fluffy and unruly hair, learn to style them using a hair dryer. On clean hair, apply a small amount of foam to hair. Portions of the hair turns round on comb, pull them along the length, directing a jet of air on the strand. This presentation will straighten unruly curls and make them smooth and shiny. Sprinkle the finished laying varnish.
Add a thin hair: dry them with her head down. Dry hair fluff with fingers. To secure the root volume, spray the roots of the hair lacquer.
If you decide to make wavy hair perfectly straight and smooth, use irons to straighten the hair. On clean hair, apply a small amount of straightening, which will soften the hair and protect them from exposure to high temperature. For convenience and rapidity straighten curl dry hair on large rollers. Then, taking one of the irons straighten each strand. For convenience, start to remove the curler from the neck. Spray finished style with hairspray.
Make a natural waves by using large rollers-Velcro. Dry hair and carefully comb. Divide into small strands and wrap in hair curlers-Velcro. Dry with a hair dryer for a few minutes, then remove the curler from the hair. Shape the curls with your fingers, not brush. Secure the hair lacquer.
Use curlers-boomerangs to create a small lush curls. Dry combed strands tightly wrap the curler up to the roots of the hair, then the ends of the boomerangs apart in different directions to secure them.Dry your hair with a Hairdryer, then gently remove the rollers from the hair. Shape the curls with your fingers, do not comb. Fix laying varnish or gel for fixation.
To give laid hair original view, use the various hair clips, barrettes, headbands and hair ornaments, suitable to your style and clothing. All this will make your hair beautiful, neat, interesting, and you are complete and attractive.