Please contact your doctor. There are many factors that can affect the temperature of the human body. For example, temperature may be the result of previously transferred infectious diseases, decrease in level of hemoglobin, disease of the brain or endocrine system, as well as the strong stresses, anxiety, fatigue, exhaustion. Very often the reduced temperature of the body is observed in people with hypotension. The doctor will prescribe you the necessary tests and research that will help to determine the cause of temperature reduction. All therapeutic measures should be aimed at eliminating the causes.
If the results of the tests showed no serious violations in the body, used non-pharmacological methods, aimed at strengthening immunity. These include regular physiotherapy, as well as hardening of the body and normalization of lifestyle. The doctor may prescribe the intake of vitamins, especially vitamin E. Besides using methods of physiotherapy and balneotherapy. A positive impact on the health of the patient and sanatorium–resort treatment.
In addition, you must monitor their condition. You need to organize a proper and balanced diet, exercise. Insulate yourself from stress and fatigue as possible. Try to get some sleep.
If the reason for lowering the temperature are constant stress, the doctor will prescribe you a sedative. Try drugs developed plant-based. For example, the wonderful tonic effect have extracts of ginseng, aralia and Eleutherococcus. They need to be taken in the morning or before dinner – they will give you extra energy. And before bed, we recommend taking sedatives, sedatives. Such drugs include preparations containing extracts of Valerian, hawthorn, hops and motherwort.
The easiest and most affordable means of raising the low temperature of the body is hot black tea. Drink it, lie down in your bed and cuddle up with a warm blanket. After some time, the temperature should return to normal. You can also do hot baths for the feet, then put warm socks and lie down under a warm blanket.
If treatment fails, the temperature still drops below the normal figure, we need once again to go to the doctor and go through re-examination.