Contact the Embassy or Consulate of the country, with citizens which you have signed the cooperation agreement. Imagine all the documents showing your credentials, namely:- the certificate of registration of the legal entity;- certificate of registration with your organization on the tax account; certified copies of statutory documents of your organisation and print sample;- information about your business partners and their certificate of registration;- power of attorney issued on the name of the courier from your company authorized to sign the contract;- certified copy of his passport.
Attach documents to a letter composed in the name of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador or Consul General, representing the country where your business partners. The letter should contain a request for your firm's accreditation for work on the territory of another country.
If the Embassy deems it necessary to grant your request, you will receive a certificate of accreditation not later than 2 months after treatment.
If you work for the tourist market as a tour operator, the package of documents which must be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate General to be somewhat different from the usual. In addition to the already mentioned documents, you will need to submit to the Ambassador (the Consul) for consideration:- the certificate on including information about the tour operator in EFRT ("international tourism");- list of travel agencies with which you collaborate on the territory of the Russian Federation, certified by the officers, with such powers;- a special application for accreditation, written on the form provided on the website of each Embassy.
Please note: if your firm will accept in the process of cooperation with foreign business partners any violation, in their view, the accreditation is withdrawn.