First of all, and the employer and the foreigner needs to have a document authorizing the first to hire foreign workers, and the second is to work in a foreign country. If not, then both parties of the employment contract are waiting for penalties. However, taking into consideration the status of a foreign citizen.
The foreign national's status may be:
- temporarily staying: there is no residence permit or temporary residence permit in Russia;
- temporary living: there is an official residence permit in our country;
- resident: have a residence permit entitling them to permanent residence in Russia.
Accordingly, if the work is accepted by the foreigner with permanent resident status, a special permit is not required. In this case, the foreign citizen is subject to Russian laws on employment.
If the organization is adopted on the work of a foreigner with temporary resident status, the organization, no further action is required. But a foreign citizen must obtain permission to work.
If work gets a foreigner with the status of temporarily staying, a work permit must obtain and organization, and very alien. If a citizen arrived from visa countries, he must apply to the FMS of Russia to obtain a migration card, which contains data on citizenship and length of stay. This card entitles you to temporary residence.
The foreigner needs to submit the following documents: the conclusion about expediency of use of foreign labor; permit to employ a foreign citizen (issued by the Federal Migration Service in limited quantities, within established quotas); a certificate of health, in some cases a language certificate.