You will need
  • - sick leave;
  • calculator;
  • - the program "1C payroll and personnel".
If your employee presented the hospital sheet and it is a mark of violation of the mode, then calculate to violations of the General rules. To do this, add up all the earned amount for 24 months where you held an income tax, divide by 730. The resulting figure multiply by the number of days of disability the employee before the violation. Next, perform a calculation depending on experience. With experience more than 8 years charge 100%, from 5 to 8 years – 80%, up to 5 years – 60%.
From the violation of the regime make the calculation based on the minimum wage. For this to 4611 rubles, multiply by 24, divide by 730. Multiply the resulting number by the number of days of temporary disability of the employee of the violation and before the closure of the hospital sheet. Next, perform a calculation depending on experience this way. Fold the results obtained before and after the violation. The resulting number will be the payment for all the time of disability.
If the employee seniority less than 6 months, regardless of whether he has violated the regime or not, make the calculation based on the minimum wage.
To violations of the regime is addressed in medical institutions in narcotic or alcoholic intoxication, untimely visits to the doctor, the failure mode of the medical establishment, failure to comply with the recommended mode of treatment. But the accountant is not required to delve into the reason why the sheeton the disability with a violation, and needs to calculate according to the current legislation and to present to the hospital sheet to the Fund of social insurance of the population.