You will need
  • - ribbons;
  • - hair bands;
  • - pins or decorative clips.
  • - the crochet hook.
The interweaving ribbons in a French braid, braided bottom wardhana hair style suitable for medium length hair. Tell the girl that you braid a braidto tilt his head forward. Comb the hair down and at the back of the line of growth we divide them into three thin strands. One of the strands attach the ribbon and start braiding French braid. At the top grab the strands should have a maximum volume. The rest of the hair, braid a normal braid and secure with elastic. Ask the model to raise the head and keep it straight. Raise the braid up and starting to move from the tip, carefully lay it rings or in a bun. Secure the hair with pins or pretty clips.
The interweaving ribbons in a French braid, braided on diagonalizability hair back and helping highlight a small section, not forgetting to divide it into three equal parts. To one part add a colored ribbon and braid his hair blond French braidstarting from the temple and moving to the earlobe on the opposite side. When he reached the ear, gently tighten the braid with Bobby pins or hairpins. Continue to weave braid across the length of the hair down, but move in the opposite direction. The tip of the spit secure with a rubber band. This hairstyle is done on long hair.
Braid of two strands with interosculate hair and make at the back "horse" tail. Divide it into two equal parts. Each of the strands will be twisted clockwise, and then gently wrap with ribbon. Turn on your imagination; you can wrap the ribbon one strand or two immediately, and can wind the strands are totally different ribbons, choosing the best combination colors. Twist the strands between the harness and carefully secure with a rubber band. If desired, the obtained wiring can be laid in rings around the base of the tail and secure with pins, thus creating the original beam.
There is a way of weaving the ribbon in a ready-made hairstyle. This method requires special care and patience. The strip gently pokes braided in a braid with a knitting hook and a needle with a large eye.