Download the software “Fraps” from the official website of the developer. In the case of downloading a program from an alternate source mandatory check by the installer for viruses. Don't download software that already been been patched and does not require activation, it is illegal and also is a direct threat to the security of your computer.
After you install the trial you will be available no more than 30 seconds of recording. To extend this time you need to pay and register the program following simple instructions of menu items. Please note that you can pay directly to the developer but may purchase software from an intermediary.
Activate the full version of the program and set the required time recording. Be careful with entering payment details, try to use the on-screen keyboard.
Pay attention to the possibilities of this program and make sure that you will need it in the future, since she also has several counterparts that perform the same function. If you decide to continue, pay her and save the activation information in case you reinstall your operating system. After installing the full version of the software Fraps, you will also be available to other functions.
Also note that the use of alternative activation methods are prohibited and may suffer certain consequences for you. By this method includes all sorts of the program selection keys, patches, files crack, using codes and so on. Also, it is possible that these additional materials are viruses and installed onto your computer along with Trojans.